Say goodbye to frizz, hello to flawless!

Unleash the power of perfection with our hair finishing stick designed to tame and control fly-aways, frizz and stray hairs that just won't behave!

  • Check out the impressive before and after as flyaway hair is tamed into a sleek finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will our finishing stick last?

If you use daily, our hair finishing stick will last around 4 weeks.

Is our hair finishing stick vegan and cruelty free?


Does our hair finishing stick work on all hair types?

Our stick is suitable for all hair types, however the curlier the hair the more product you'll need to use.

Can our hair finishing stick be used on children?

Absolutely! It helps create an easy updo for your child.

What color is our hair finishing stick?

Our hair finishing stick has a clear formula.

What is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is 2-5 working days.